Sunday, October 15, 2017

Finished lining for hooded jacket

I'm in the middle of constructing a lined fleece jacket for little grandson David.
He loves dogs and I found this doggie flannel to pair with a red fleece.  

the lining was quick to sew - only front, back, sleeves, & hood

This is what is holding up the complete finish. I wanted to embroider a dog on the pocket. First I sketched the dog on wash away paper. It was hard to fit the fleece and paper in the hoop. Every time I made a stitch the paper split. So, I decided to take the paper off and just free hand the rest of the dog.
Started last night and this is how much I have done.

I will show pictures of the finished jacket as soon as I have time to sew again.

Finding time to sew is a challenge.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Return of the Spider Lilies

The spider lilies are back. Last year they did not show themselves but this year they are back.
They are my favorite fall flowers. That could be because they bloom on my birthday. 

I finished this little fox. Hubby and I both tried to get this in focus but this was as good  as it got.
I used variegated perl cotton for the orangy-brown body and tail.

The little fox is going to be part of a play pocketbook for baby Ava. She is very interested in carrying a bag around and fiddling with zippers. I'm going to make something with I Spy features in the patchwork. Here she is exploring my messenger bag. Such a cutie!

Friday, September 8, 2017

Gifts and gift bag

The long Labor Day weekend was productive around here.

I finished these mama cows and babies. I put crinkly wrap and jingle bells in the baby animals to make them more stimulating.

My mom (Great-grandmother) made the chick, pig, and sheep mamas and babies.
We are giving a set to Ava and a set to David for her birthday and his Christmas respectively.

My baby gift stash now has 6 flannel receiving blankets. Time to take a break from making receiving blankets.

TaDa! I used my blue bird embroidery on a zipper bag I'll take on this weekend's trip.

Here is the back.
I used some recycled fabric and scraps - zipper I had - and fusible interfacing leftover from another project. I altered the wide open pouch from Noodlehead by adding a strap.

I also changed the pattern to have the corners finished inside instead of turning it thru the lining.
I love the lining fabric - birds and birdhouses.

And last of all - a fabric gift bag for Ava's 1st birthday. 
Ready for the beach birthday party!

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pencil boxes and more little animals

I finished the 3rd pencil box, the one on the left. The green one is made from my favorite fabric but I put in one part of the snap wrong. The one on the far right has a wonky zipper.

I am happy with how the 3rd one turned out. The lining fabric has state shapes. Mississippi is there in the corner. I included some Mississippi pencils, a pair of scissors, and washable markers and mailed them to Liam in NYC. He starts kindergarten Tuesday. Hope he makes lots of new friends.

While I was fussing with the pencil boxes the messed up snap came off box #1. Now I can replace the snap and my favorite pencil box will be ready for another kindergartner.

I have found a quick sewing project to do while watching TV.

I trace the pattern on white fabric using a washable marker.

Then I stitch over the design.

The designs came from this book I bought last summer in Savannah.

When the sewing is complete, I get the marker out by washing the fabric in diluted Dawn dish liquid.

I haven't decided how to use these cute little critters. 
Glad to have Amanda Jean back for link ups today!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little Projects

Tried out some hand sewing with this little blue bird. 
I used white cotton fabric leftover from a quilting project.
Traced the pattern with washable blue marker.

Used perl cotton thread and a sharp tapestry needle. I know that was wrong needle and maybe the wrong thread but I wanted to get started with what I had on hand.

It took several washes and some Dawn dish detergent to get the blue marker to wash out.

Other little projects include flannel receiving blankets made with fabric from a new store in Memphis.

The great thing is the new store is down the road from a fabric shop I visit whenever I go to see grandbaby Ava.

Not much sewing time lately with air conditioning out all last week end. I was too hot to concentrate on anything. After teaching I usually relax by reading and watching TV.

The little bird was such a quick finish I may try some more hand embroidery.
What are you working on?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Sewing

As soon as I saw the Zola Pen Case I had to make one (some). But I didn't have all the necessary supplies. A week ago Stitch N Frame had their Christmas in July sale and I found a snap setter for a great price. Then I ordered 18" zippers from my favorite zipper supplier, Zipit. The zippers were delivered yesterday. I was ready to get sewing.

Above is my first attempt. 

I did some other sewing, too. I am continuing to make soup bowl cozies. At the sale I bought some sweet flannel and today I made a receiving blanket to add to my stash of baby gifts.

A few more pictures of the pencil case.

The outside is some of my favorite fabric. There's only a little of it left.

The ends of the case are so cute.

All of today's sewing.

In other news, I organized my scraps and smaller lengths of fabric. I love being organized.

There may be time left in the weekend to make another pencil case.
What do you think?

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Opps! posted on wrong blog

Hi Ya'll. I just posted about my sewing on my other blog.
Hop over there to see my recent sewing progress.
Here it is. sorry about that.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Wool Felt Applique

This summer I haven't done much sewing or quilting even though I have lots of unfinished projects and a list of ideas I want to try.

But I have had time to do some hand sewing a few times when I joined a group at the local library who get together to sew every other week for a couple of hours.

I finished the leaves on this wool felt piece I started in June, 2016. I may get this finished this year if I continue working on it in spare moments.

Last week we drove to Orlando - 12 hours in the car!

Last year my students and I read about the manatees in Florida. I really wanted to see some. We went to Homasassa Springs State Park where they care for injured manatees. The water is very clear so we were able to see this one. It is huge!

We crossed this bridge on our way to St. Pete.

A view of the water at the state park. So calm and peaceful.
(It was very hot-humid, too.)

That's all I've got this Friday. 
How was your week?

Friday, July 7, 2017

Transferring lessons from hand applique class

A few weeks ago I took a hand applique class because, you know, I hate applique. It's gonna take a lot of practice to be an adequate hand appliquer. But I am using some of the lessons I learned with my row-by-row applique leftover from 2015.

Above is one section machine appliqued.

What I used from hand applique is tacking down the pieces with a long machine basting stitch instead of using any fused material or glue.

One out of four done and I really like the look and feel.

For my finish- 
my old standby giant 9 patch.
The center is Meet the Royals and the other sections are from the same fabric manufacturer.

I used a favorite multicolored floral on the back. The quilting is simple diagonals. I didn't mark any lines, just sewed in semi-straight lines.

Two weeks ago we had this bunch and a few more over for good-bye supper for Liam and David.
Loved having them. Hope to have them over again when the boys visit next summer.

So many ideas and so little time.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Elastic finishes

Okay, okay. I've posted about these baby clothes a lot.
But I finally got the measurements for the waist and legs.

The knit leggings were super easy and I will make this pattern again.

I used a bit of the selvedge to indicate the back of the pants.

The little ruffled bloomers looked so cute finished.

Unfortunately, the bloomers were too big for little girl. I have more of the blue flowers so I may make another top when she grows into the bottoms.

That's all for this pattern. I plan to work on some row by row strips.
Thanks to Amanda Jean for leaving her link open longer.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Small blocks for a quilt show & updates on baby clothes

I made three star blocks for a local quilt show. Everyone in the quilt guild was asked to make a few.

Finished these knit pants for baby girl. Now I need her waist measurement so I can put in the elastic.
So quick to make-I may have to make some more.

The reversible top is also completely finished. I top stitched the yoke and shoulder seams.

Here is the other side.

And the back is so cute.

Hopefully we will visit baby girl next weekend and see if this fits.

On other news-my two grandsons are leaving for NYC on Sunday. Will miss them soooo.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Little top finish

Here is a small finish. The reversible top is finished except for some hand sewing.

The flower side front above and back below.

The owl side back above and front below.

The yoke and top seams have to be hand sewn down. 
I thought I liked the flowers better but now I like the owl side. 
Next up-making the knit fabric pants and ruffle bottom.
It seems really big on the hanger. I think baby girl can wear it over long sleeves and knit leggings.