Thursday, June 22, 2017

Small blocks for a quilt show & updates on baby clothes

I made three star blocks for a local quilt show. Everyone in the quilt guild was asked to make a few.

Finished these knit pants for baby girl. Now I need her waist measurement so I can put in the elastic.
So quick to make-I may have to make some more.

The reversible top is also completely finished. I top stitched the yoke and shoulder seams.

Here is the other side.

And the back is so cute.

Hopefully we will visit baby girl next weekend and see if this fits.

On other news-my two grandsons are leaving for NYC on Sunday. Will miss them soooo.

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Little top finish

Here is a small finish. The reversible top is finished except for some hand sewing.

The flower side front above and back below.

The owl side back above and front below.

The yoke and top seams have to be hand sewn down. 
I thought I liked the flowers better but now I like the owl side. 
Next up-making the knit fabric pants and ruffle bottom.
It seems really big on the hanger. I think baby girl can wear it over long sleeves and knit leggings.

Saturday, May 27, 2017

On a roll

Baby Ava's romper is almost finished. This is the first time I've sewn snap tape. After ripping and re-sewing a couple of places, I am happy with the garment. I used the dotty fabric for the little caps on the shoulders and the bias strip around the arm.

Front above.
Back below.

Back with bow. 
The bow makes it cuter but is attached with snaps.
Decision-bow or no bow?

Next up for Ava-I'm going to make a reversible top and two bottoms. The ruffled bottom on the left pattern will have eyelet ruffles.

I plan to use the lime green knit for the pants from the pattern on the right. The owl fabric and the blue flowers will be the reversible top. I will use the eyelet on the bottom of the dress/top, too.

Using up stash fabric (mostly). 

One day next week my friend will come get the Janome sewing machine and bring her teen girls for some sewing instructions. Hope they enjoy sewing as much as I do.

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sewing for baby girl

I bought this cute pattern for baby Ava. I thought I would make a test outfit from my quilt fabric stash to make sure of the fit. 

I have enough of the green with pink flowers for the body of the romper. Now I have to choose which fabric to use for the bow in the back.

I think the dots will work but the pink is a close second.

In other news, Sally cat pictured below, got a scolding from a Blue Jay this morning.

Here is the Blue Jay-still fussing.
Too bad he doesn't know that Sally is too fat to catch him or his family.

Ready to cut and sew an outfit for Ava.
How's your week end?

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Labels attached - the Real finish

A quilt is not really finished until the label is sewn. 
This week I finished David's quillow and Liam's, too.

Liam's was gifted in 2014 but I neglected to put a label on it.
Now his quillow is Really finished.

Both have a boyish transportation vibe.
Liam's was the first quillow I attempted and was started from a kit.

David's was the fifth in my quillow series. ;-)
These days I like to use width of fabric strips instead of fat quarters.

A couple of shots of them folded.

Here they are turned into pillows.

Post Script-
Hot Fingers are finished, too.
Ready to gift to my co-workers.

Off to celebrate the boys' birthdays!
Hope you have a fun week end.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Trying out a new machine with an old pattern

Dearest daughter is moving to NYC and isn't taking this sewing machine. So, I thought I would try it out. I had it serviced and now it is ready to sew!

I'm making some Hot Fingers as thank you gifts for people who have helped me this year in my new job. I love this colorful flower fabric. 

I am loving my succulent flower bed. 
Here are the flowers in the early morning.

And here they are later in the day. 
I guess opening and closing helps the flowers last longer.

Are you enjoying the blog hop over at Crazymom's? 
I am inspired to work on my scrap mountain.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Smocked Pink Bubble

Finally finished this little bubble outfit. I haven't smocked in years but thought Ava needed something smocked by Gran. I bought a finished outfit that just needed the smocking. I think it is easier to start from scratch. I had to ask a friend who smocks a lot of baby gifts to give me a refresher on how many threads to use. After that it was a quick finish-even when I took out stitches and changed thread color.
Now I hope Ava hasn't grown too big to wear this. We'll see today since we are traveling this morning to Memphis to see her and her parents.

In other news - I bought some new succulents for my doll bed garden. And the one on the lower left bloomed over night! I love happy fuschia flowers.

Checking over at Crazy Mom's to see what you have been sewing.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

In-between projects

Last week I finished David's quillow and now I'm sort of between projects. Lots of things are on my to-make list. So, what did I do?

Decided to use some of the cute flannel I have collected to make ahead some baby gifts.
Two flannel receiving blankets and one giant 9 patch with a flannel back.

Okay, my selections for the 9 patch are a little odd but in my mind they go together.
The heart fabric has lady bugs. The stripe has red, lime green, and gray with a primary school alphabet. The corner fabric has most of the same colors, so why not? 

The backing has the repeated question, "How many bugs can you count?" I figure that connects to the lady bugs.

If mom doesn't like the combination on the 9 patch side, she can turn it over to the soft flannel back.

Long week end here. What are you sewing?

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finished David's Quillow

David's first birthday is soon. I wanted to finish his quillow.

First I pin basted the batting, back, and front. I use my dining table and a cardboard cutting board.

Batting smoothed.

Backing placed on top of batting.

Front placed right sides to backing.

Pin basted along the outer edges because I'm just going to sew around the outside, then turn.

I put a few pins in the middle to keep things from shifting.
Then I sewed around the edge and turned thru an opening left on one end.
I quilted in the ditch and a few diagonals across the yellow middle section.

Here is the front made from strips including some gray minky dots.

Here is the back with the pillow pocket sewn in place.

Fold the long sides.

Bring the top down to the bottom.

Fold again and pull into the pocket.

Voila! David's quilt/pillow is done.

The pillow back.

I'm please with this finish. I will sew a label on this and the one I made for Ava.
Now all three grands have quillows made by Gran.

Friday, March 17, 2017

At Last-Ava's Quillow Is Finished

First, a little detour by way of my favorite fabric shop...
Mr. M. gave me a gift card to the Cotton Blossom for Valentines Day-he's so thoughtful.

So I bought batting and thread. I just don't have room for any more fabric. Batting for a twin is enough for two quillows. Guess what!?! I have two quillows to make.

These are some bunny ear drawstring bags I made this week that I saw on Sew She Can. I'm going to make some more and give them to my choir kids for Easter. I put two finger puppets in each bag.

Now to the main event. I pin basted Ava's princess quillow.

It is sewn and turned, then quilted. The projecting piece is the pocket.

Here is a view of the pocket before stitching on the backing.

Here is the applique' side of the pocket. (Have I told you that I don't like applique?)

After quilting 4" straight lines down the length. I also stitched in the ditch across the width.

Some close ups of her name. Fused, blanket stitched, and straight stitched. 

Pocket is sewn in place.

Here is how it looks folded into a pillow.

The backing fabric is so cute. Hope she likes it.
Oh, opps. Didn't show you the front. I posted it here back in June of last year. I stopped sewing on it because we didn't know her name. My son and DIL wanted to keep it a secret until she was born. Now she is a big 6 month old. This may be a present for her first birthday.
Linking up with Crazy Mom. Yea!