Thursday, August 24, 2017

Little Projects

Tried out some hand sewing with this little blue bird. 
I used white cotton fabric leftover from a quilting project.
Traced the pattern with washable blue marker.

Used perl cotton thread and a sharp tapestry needle. I know that was wrong needle and maybe the wrong thread but I wanted to get started with what I had on hand.

It took several washes and some Dawn dish detergent to get the blue marker to wash out.

Other little projects include flannel receiving blankets made with fabric from a new store in Memphis.

The great thing is the new store is down the road from a fabric shop I visit whenever I go to see grandbaby Ava.

Not much sewing time lately with air conditioning out all last week end. I was too hot to concentrate on anything. After teaching I usually relax by reading and watching TV.

The little bird was such a quick finish I may try some more hand embroidery.
What are you working on?

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Saturday Sewing

As soon as I saw the Zola Pen Case I had to make one (some). But I didn't have all the necessary supplies. A week ago Stitch N Frame had their Christmas in July sale and I found a snap setter for a great price. Then I ordered 18" zippers from my favorite zipper supplier, Zipit. The zippers were delivered yesterday. I was ready to get sewing.

Above is my first attempt. 

I did some other sewing, too. I am continuing to make soup bowl cozies. At the sale I bought some sweet flannel and today I made a receiving blanket to add to my stash of baby gifts.

A few more pictures of the pencil case.

The outside is some of my favorite fabric. There's only a little of it left.

The ends of the case are so cute.

All of today's sewing.

In other news, I organized my scraps and smaller lengths of fabric. I love being organized.

There may be time left in the weekend to make another pencil case.
What do you think?