Friday, December 30, 2016

2016 Finish

The binding is finished. So I'm calling this finished in 2016. 

I was going for a sand and sea look with splashes of yellow sunlight and green sea plants.

I'm trying hand quilting around the adventurers using pearl cotton. 

Here it is all folded and neat.

The corners look pretty good, if I say so myself.

I used variegated thread on the borders.

Here is the back. The brown is for drift wood, blue for sky and sea, yellow for sunlight, and green for seaweeds and beach plants.
The forecast is for rain tomorrow, so I wanted to get photos today. I will finish hand quilting and get the label on tomorrow. Happy with a quilt finish for 2016.

How was your quilt year?

Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ready for Christmas

The stockings are hung, waiting for tomorrow. Presents are wrapped for the most part.

The ceramic nativity that mom made is accessible for little hands to explore.

All the hand made stocking stuffers are ready.

AND I finally had time to quilt the little adventurers quilt.
This is my favorite part-trimming the extra fabric and batting.

It starts out looking so messy and is transformed into a neat, almost completed quilt.

After trying a wavy line style (and then picking that out) I decided on straight lines.

I'm thinking of adding hand quilting to the four adventurers. I've never done that before but I think it will look better than anything I can do with machine quilting. Wonder what thread would be best?

Wishing all a happy Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate at mid-winter.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Pink Hat Adventure or time for a crochet refresher

I finished two pink caps for baby Ava. "Does she need two caps?" you may ask. Well, no, but the first one was tied off when I thought, maybe that half double crochet was wrong. I checked an online 'how to crochet' site and found that I had done the whole hat in double crochet, not half double crochet.

The one on the left is done according to the directions with half double crochet.
The cap on the right has double crochet. Whoopsie. Sort of changed the shape.

Here they are again. Not so flat as before.

One last photo with the ribbons and bows. The one on the right looks like it would fit a fairy creature with pointy hair. (I put the rolled yarn inside to make them stand up.

I guess baby David's cap is wrong, too. There is plenty of yarn left, so I will probably make another one for him.

Lesson learned: Never assume you know how to do a stitch.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Hat and Cap Finished

Pink corduroy hat with pink rose lining was a tricky finish. I don't know if the bias stretched or the pattern was printed wrong but I had a time sewing the circular top to the side. The brim was much easier to attach. I put white flannel between the outside and the lining. I hope it keeps Miss Little Bit warm.

Variegated blue cotton crocheted cap is for Master David. It is an easy pattern I adapted from an online pattern for a baby girl's cap. Next I will make a pink and cream version for Miss Little Bit.
Once I completed the curved section is was super easy. This may become a regular baby gift in the future.

One last week of work before taking a break for Christmas. Mr. M is retiring in 3 days! Wonder what that's going to be like?

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Stockings

My plans for quilting were side tracked with family and travel. I looked at my list of want-tos and decided making Christmas Stockings for our newest grands was the priority.
Here are my original designs.

Ava's has lace and cute little red-nosed deer. I cut out the letters by hand-something I learned as an Elementary Ed undergrad.

I fused the letters and used a blanket stitch with white thread around the edges. The green toe fabric has gold thread applique' in a different stitch. Both stitches are standard on my sewing machine.

For David's letters I sewed gold thread around the outside for a raw edge look. The cuff has gold hearts decorating the band. Another standard stitch on my machine.

I know there are fancier stitches on new sewing machines but I love my 35 year old Pfaff. It has been very reliable and with the even feed feature I can machine quilt easily. 

Hope to get to the adventurers quilt this weekend. See you next week end.