Saturday, February 28, 2015

Pilllow finish with various other bits

I tried to make a mini quilt and started with 2 inch strips but they were too big. I cut the strips down to one and a half inches. I had 8 four inch blocks and 4 two inch blocks left. 

I used the same border fabric as the mini. This block is 15 inches square. I quilted simple diagonal lines over the blocks and a wiggly line in the border.

Here is the finished pillow cover and the inner pillow. I made the inner pillow out of a bag of leftover batting. I can't throw anything away. I am so pleased with this 'free' pillow made completely from scraps!

Here is the finished pillow. You can see the quilting.

Here are the pillow and similar mini quilt. The mini will be donated to my quilt guild for a fundraiser.

Some other little finishes- 3 flannel baby blankets and the buggy baby 9 patch.

Tomorrow I will work on the buggy framed baby quilt. I can't decide what binding to use but I can get started with pin basting and machine quilting.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Making progress

We had a 'snow' day yesterday. It didn't snow, just rained all day. Anyway, I got lots of sewing done.
First, added a border and quilted this orphan block. One step closer to a pillow.

Next, finished this touchy-feely baby quilt top. Had to change the original plan because I ran out of the three framing fabrics. I want to add an appliqué (I know, I hate appliqué) to the yellow flannel block. It just looks too plain. And I may add buttons to the canvas block to make it more bumpy.

Then, I tried to decide on a binding. Auditioning green. The backing is under all the green on the right. Now I'm thinking yellow or orange would be better.

All made from scraps! yea!

Friday, February 20, 2015

Little Bits of a Finish

Not much sewing but lots of thinking about sewing. Thinking about making the leftover square into a pillow. Trying out possible borders. 

Cut squares and strips for a baby touchy - feely quilt. Using scraps. Planning on 16 squares.

Saw a cute business card holder and had to try it.
This is the inside.

This is the outside. I love this fabric.

This is the finish. (I had to order some business cards to put in my new card holder.)

Had any finishes? 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mixed mini and other finishes

Trying to make a mini quilt for fundraiser. I started with two inch blocks sewn together. That was too big, so I made one and a half inch blocks. Those were so much smaller! 

The center block is made of four of the smaller size blocks that didn't turn out the way I wanted.
Mom suggested that this mixed mini could be turned into a pillow. Think I will try. Check back next week to see if I succeed.

This is a giant 9 patch baby quilt. The center is a buggy fabric. The backing is some kind of plush/minky type. I just have to stitch in the ditch and turn the backing to make the fake binding.

Close up of the buggy fabric. It reminds me of the creatures in James and the Giant Peach.
I'm reading the book to my older English learners and we will watch the movie when we finish the book. I may show them the finished baby quilt and see what they think of the bugs.

Last weekend I was out of town at a conference, so no sewing. This weekend the weather is beautiful but I just want to sew.