Saturday, November 26, 2016

Finished sand and water quilt top

In my last post I was trying out different layouts for my little adventurers quilt top. I wanted more 'sand' or blank spaces, so I came up with this arrangement. I now have 3 leftover blocks that I think  will become pillows.

I used up the green, blue, and yellow batiks to add some length. I'm thinking the yellow at the top is sunlight, the blue and green at the sides and bottom are water.

I placed one of the map blocks on point in the middle as a representative compass.
Two of the adventurers are above the 'compass' and two are below.
Now I have to finish the backing piece and pin baste it. I hope to quilt and bind it by next week.

I had to include this photo of little bit on her touchy-feely quilt I made before she was a twinkle in her dad's eye.

We had an interesting Thanksgiving break. I had hoped to get lots of sewing time but that was not to be. My 91 year old mom fell and broke her arm and we spent all Wednesday morning in various doctor's offices. 
Today I have cleared my schedule and hope to devote it to sewing. We'll see.
Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving.