Saturday, April 30, 2016

Thinking about entering a quilt show

I am thinking about entering a nearby quilt show. The theme is "Stars". Do you think the Norway mini looks kinda starish? Not a traditional 5 point star but sorta 8 points?

This is the other possible entry. It is machine quilted and has a little applique.

The rules say the items must have been finished in the last two years. These both fit in that time frame. Good thing I have this blog with most of my finished projects documented. 
I have given away so many things and wouldn't want to ask for them back.

Now I have to fill out the entry forms and get them in the mail.

I gave "Orange POPS" to a friend today. She just lost her father and needed something snuggly.

Hope to link up with Amanda Jean today.

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Mini quilt finish

I was so excited when I won this mini quilt kit from the linky party at Ho, Ho, Ho And On We Sew earlier this year. Then I cut some of the strips too big and got discouraged. Went on to some other projects but last week end I got this back out and corrected my mistakes and here it is.

Don't look too closely. When I put on the top and bottom borders I wasn't careful and the seams did not match. So...I ripped the seams and tried again.

See below. Much better.

I quilted a little differently from the picture on the pattern. I wanted to stay off the navy. I like how it looks with the navy a little puffier than the rest of the quilt.

Here is the back. I put corner triangles for hanging and one for a label.

Here it is hanging in its new home. Love it!

This is what happened at our house on Thursday- pea size hail and lots of rain.

Do you ever get discouraged with a project? What's your remedy?