Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Christmas Elves

These elves were fun to make.
Here they are in stages as I filled them with polyfil.

The girl has a skirt with pockets for the penguins and/or polar bears.

First I filled the animals.

Then the arms, legs and heads of the elves.

After the arms and legs were filled, I sewed across the top of each leg and arm to make the limbs movable.

The bodies were filled then the openings on the sides stitched closed. I added pompoms on the hats and bells on the shoes.

Now for some fun posing them around the house.

The girl sits up better because the skirt gives more structure.

Liam and David will get the boy. Liam has named him Jack.

Ava will get the girl. Wonder if Jill will be her name?

Next up - an Advent calendar for Ava.
The boys' elf and calendar are on the way to NYC.

I'm thinking about making some felt ornaments.
Check back for more Christmas finishes.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

October Color Blue Violet

Here are my October Color Challenge blocks. 
I made my usual plus block and the block posted by Jen.
I may have chosen the wrong darkest fabric because there isn't much 
contrast between the fabrics.
Both are 6.5" blocks.

This month's color reminds me of the morning glories we have in our yard.
They are more violet than blue in person.

Linking up with the Color Challenge.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

All That Jazz Finish

The 2018 president's challenge for Jackson Quilters was a medallion quilt with required shapes and fabrics for each border.
Below is my finished quilt.

I didn't have an orphan block to use for the center so I made the star block and continued adding borders and rows until I had the required center size. The one inch black and white border finishes the center. 
The next border had to have at least one square block and had to contain some of the green fabric.
I borrowed some ideas from quilts I saw online and added the purple tulips at the bottom of that row. I used a dresden plate template to make the sun at the top of that row.

The next row had to use a hexigon shape and the bug fabric, so I made hexy bug jars for the corners.
The third row had to have a triangle and use the dark fabric. I made the row with mitered corners. Oops, one corner had two triangles and one had no triangle.

The fourth row had to have quarter square triangles and use the yellow-orange fabric. I borrowed another idea and made corner blocks that wrapped around the corners. Each was a different color but used the same neutral background fabric.

The final border had to be eight inches wide and contain at least one curved piece block. The required fabric was tan with red and black designs. I made two circle blocks. They are in the middle of the sides. I didn't have any fabric wide enough to make the same 8 inch border, so I used two fabrics with black backgrounds. My idea was to make them look like they twisted at the corners and circle blocks.

I had lots of time and had never hand quilted a quilt, so I bought pearl cotton, size 5, in several colors and started hand quilting. I wanted to do big stitch quilting like I had seen online.

Each border had a different color thread for the quilting.

I found that I don't like using a hoop. My fingers ached at first because I had never done so much hand sewing.

The center star is the inspiration for the name of the quilt.
The musicians must be playing Jazz.

The back of the quilt. I used all stash fabric for the quilt, except for the required pieces given to us by the president of our guild.

Close up of the stitches on the back. 

I chose an orange print for the binding and hand sewed the binding.
I am pleased with how my first hand quilted quilt turned out.

Have you tried hand quilting? 

Barn Quilt Painting

Yesterday I woke up early and drove 3 hours to Caledonia, MS to join other Jackson quilters in a painting class. Rita and her volunteers helped us sketch our chosen designs on 2' by 2' exterior grade wooden quilt squares that had been sealed with white paint.

First we drew a grid using pencils and yardsticks.
Then we drew our design and taped the edges.
Above is my redbird in the taped phase.

The process was easy but involved several taping, painting, blow drying, and re-taping steps.

I added holly berries and an eye dot. Now my redbird is ready to hang outside - but it is raining.
I will post finished outside photos later.

After I packed up my supplies and new quilt block I took a quick tour of the Buttahatchee Barn Quilt Trail in Caledonia. If you are in the area, it is worth the time to drive around and see all the creative quilt blocks on display.

Borrowed these from the Buttahatchie Facebook post.
Welcome sign.

Back of welcome sign

Rita giving instructions.

My finished barn quilt.

It was fun. Hope others get a chance to visit the quilt trail and paint a block.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Q4 Finish Along Goals

Here are my Q4 Finish Along Goals.
1. Finish hand quilting - big stitch style - All that Jazz and bind it.

Another photo with my choice of binding, the orange fabric on the right.

2. Make another Simply Elegant Tee for me out of the red knit.
3. Make a knit dress for Ava - pattern to be determined.

4. Make a girl elf for Ava and a boy elf for David.

5. Finish the princess dress up doll and carry case.

6. Make these kitties for Christmas presents.

7. Make these pups for Christmas presents, too.

8. Make another advent calendar for grandkids to have at their homes.

That's all. 
The question is - will I get all of these done in time?

Friday, October 5, 2018

Finish Along Q3 Peace-full Trip Around the World

Who knows when I got the idea to make a Trip Around the World quilt?
I had a jellyroll that seemed perfect (until I saw the directions). I sewed four strips together and stopped.

Then I put it on my list to finish.
In September I made a plan and got to work.

Meanwhile I learned about a new addition to our extended family.
The baby was due near my birthday.

The quilt was finished in time to share at our September quilt meeting.

I used stash for the back, leftover strips for the binding, and leftover batting.

Another finish in Q3.
Linking up with Finish Along 2018.

Finish Along Q3 Red & Blue Triangles

This lap quilt sat in a stack of quick starts. 
Here is the finish!
Finished in September 2018.

Red and white dots on the back.

Red and white stripes for the binding.

Stash used for batting, backing, and binding.
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