Tuesday, July 17, 2018

3rd Quarter Finish A-Long Goals

I don't make resolutions or have sewing goals. But this year my quilt group has a UFO challenge that I joined. It is very simple. List unfinished quilts, pay one dollar for each proposed finish, share finishes with the group at monthly meetings. Bonus- for each finish I will get a ticket for the drawing at the end of the challenge. Winner gets the pot of money.
Suddenly, I am motivated. 
So I listed 4 quilts. I have finished 2. 
Then I ran across the quarterly FAL on the internet and decided to piggyback my finishes.

Here are my revised goals for 3rd quarter FAL:

1. Pink and Gray lap quilt. The blocks have been hanging around for years.

2. Medallion Border Challenge. I am 3 months behind on the borders but all requirements and fabric has been given out. Now I have to add the 3 borders and finish the quilt. I'm pondering hand quilting.

3. Around the world lap quilt made with a jelly roll. I don't have a photo because I haven't really even started this quilt. The jelly roll is green, blue, yellow, and white. I hope to use stash for all of it.

Now I have to get to work. School starts soon and my sewing time will be very limited.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Another productive week of sewing

First, I finished a long time UFO I have called 'Pink and Gray'.
I had the blocks done but couldn't decide how to arrange them.
My quilt group is having a UFO challenge so I listed this as one to finish.

I used strips of white left over from another project. I bought gray backing fabric.
I had some batting left from my scrappy Bonnie Hunter quilt.
Since I wanted to finish quickly I just rolled the back around to the front for the binding.
Yea! A finish. I am now calling this 'Hoo's your neighbor' because most of the fabric is from
Amanda Jean's Good Neighbor fabric line. I added some pink and gray owls, so 'hoo' seemed
appropriate. I'm going to save this for the next baby girl quilt gift.

The next finish has also been waiting for a long time to be sewed.
I bought the pattern - Simply Elegant T - and the fabric a couple of years ago at a quilt show.
The salesperson recommended using other fabric to try out the pattern. I made the shirt 3 times in other fabric because I didn't want to cut into this expensive stuff.
I'm happy with the results and bought more fabric to make another top.
Love this top. Always get compliments when I wear it.

This last one is still in progress. My quilt group has been working on a medallion challenge.
We received the final instructions in June. The quilt has to be finished by the end of October.
I was three borders behind. This week end I finished the two outer borders.
There is one more to go. It must be 8 inches wide, include two pieces of UGLY fabric, and have at least one convex/concave block. Still pondering what to do.

I plan to finish this one before school starts. I won't have much sewing time after that.
How was your week?

Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Sewing for Ava

This past week end was dedicated to sewing for Ava.
I made 
doll clothes for her baby doll,

dress and matching hat for Ava,

knit top and shorts for her, too.

Grumps and Ava

Ava and her baby

We drove up Friday with sewing machine, fabric, patterns, etc.
I measured Ava - she is tall and thin.
Friday evening I cut out all the pieces.
Saturday we swam in the morning and then I sewed all afternoon.
I finished the hat, dress, and shorts before we went out for dinner and a play.
Sunday morning the knit top was finished and some alterations to the dress were made.
Ava has a new nickname for me. She calls me 'HaHa'. I guess I'm the laughing gran.
Enjoyed the week end sewing for Ava. 

What are you making?

Thursday, June 28, 2018

What I've been sewing in June

Amanda Jean at Crazymomquilts is taking the summer off from blogging.
I don't blame her. Time with kids is fleeting.
But my motivation for blogging has been to get something finished to link up with her.
Don't know who will see this post but I do want to record my quilting journey even if nobody else reads this.

First is a partial finish. The pink and gray lap quilt is a flimsy.
I plan to finish it before our next Jackson Quilters meeting.

I finished the Churn Dash quilt I started at MQA in a Bonnie Hunter class.
It is smaller than the directions but it is the size I wanted.
I'm calling it Memories of Summer Gardens.
It will got to a sweet friend who lost her father this past year.

The churn dash blocks and hourglass blocks came from fabric I had in my scraps and stash.

I used some of the extra blocks on the back.

In my haste to finish I had three rows with the wrong turns on the hourglass blocks.

So, I took out those rows and turned the blocks.
A learning experience.

The two photos below were part of my decision making process on the border order.

Another view.

Oops! Do you see the mistake? How did that happen?

Ripping out those seams was a pain.

Here is Bonnie at the quilt show. We loved her.

How is your sewing journey? 
Going to visit baby Ava and make some dresses for her.
Can't wait!

Color Challenge Block for June

This has been a busy month with a Bonnie Hunter class and volunteering at the IBC.
I did find time to finish the June blocks. I used two of my favorite purple fabrics.

Posting on the challenge site. What are you sewing?

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

A room full of tutus

Today I volunteered at the International Ballet Competition at an information desk.
Most people have been in town since Sunday and have figured out where all the events are being held. So... it was not very busy today.
I went for a look around the building and found the Tutus.com display room.
This is not my kind of sewing but I appreciate the amount of work that goes into one of these tutus.

Just enjoy the intricate designs and massive amounts of handwork each contains.

I can't pick a favorite.

Well, my favorite color is blue.

The flowers are so lovely.

This black and red one is stunning on stage.

Below are some photos of a maker at work.

When I told the head person that I wrote a sewing blog, she asked me to let people know about their silent auction.

Here are the links she gave me:

Check them out.

Happy sewing & happy dancing.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Back home and back to quilts

We had a great visit with the grandsons.
David seen below with Grumps (Mr.M) liked his quiet book.
He would get it out and say, 'weed my book'.

One place we like to see in NYC is the Met.
This mosaic reminds me of a quilt.
Maybe a future project.

We got back home late Thursday due to bad weather.
I had one day to get ready for a Bonnie Hunter workshop.

Printed my directions and pulled fabric from my scraps and fat quarters.

I didn't know exactly what I wanted or needed.
Of course, if I used Bonnie's scrap cutting system it would have been easier
to get ready for the class.

Checked off everything on the list. Ready for sewing.

The class was all day Saturday. 
I had to cut fabric so I didn't sew the whole time.
I did finish 9 blocks with two almost finished.
It was a great class.
Look for updates on the quilt next time.