Friday, March 15, 2019

Whole lot of sewing going on

Spring Break Week
First, headbands to match outfits.
The unicorn ribbon is just for fun because Ava made up a song about unicorns.

This blue fabric is my favorite and I think her blue eyes will look even bluer when she wears this.
I decided not to follow the directions for this dress and ended up ripping seams twice and finally cutting the lining to make it work.

Little girl loves pink, so I added pink rickrack.

This was super easy to make after I got over my fear of the split neckline.

This knit was easy but had a jillion pieces. The pattern has several cute variations.
This may be good for a nightgown.

The neck closes with elastic and a button. Of course I didn't have the elastic and thought I could add it later - in a hurry to sew. I had to be creative to get the elastic in the finished seam.

Super easy shorts with no side seams.

Another pattern that I didn't exactly follow but it turned out better than the blue dress.
The photo doesn't show the short sleeves.

No quilts cut out or worked on this week but I had fun sewing for Ava.
Leaving in a few minutes to take these to her.

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Spring Break means time to sew!

Last Sunday I cut out and finished the T-shirt below. This makes 6 tops from the pattern. It took me about 2 hours to cut out and sew it. This is the first time I have made the V neck style. It is such a  comfortable shirt.

Mischief the cat had to inspect my work above.

Below is a mug rug that I finished yesterday.
The kit came as a bonus with my Calendar Girls.
I added the swirl fabric on the left side to make it a little bigger.

Saturday I drove to a quilt shop (Stitch N Frame) that I don't regularly visit. It is about an hour drive from my house and there are two shops that are closer to my house.  
When I want something different I make a little road trip out of shopping there. The drive home is very peaceful on a winding back country road.

My sewing plans are very fluid. I had thought to start Good Fortune but after finding the fabric below, I decided that Spring Break is a great time to sew for granddaughter Ava. I'm going to start with the knit above and make the dress with short sleeves.

I love the blue print above and will make the dress for her. I used the pattern to make the apron for her Christmas present.  

She loves pink and I loved the flowers and the stripes. I'm going to make the stripes into the dress on the top left without the ruffle. The flowers and pink leaves will be the same view but with the pink on the yoke and ruffle. The flowers will be in the middle. Hope that works. 

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Thanks, Wendy, for hosting.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Rainy Week

It was a rainy week. At school I tried to avoid getting the flu from students and staff.
I needed a quick sewing project. The one below was adapted from a mini quilt I saw online.

I had a mini charm pack that I wanted to use in half square triangles. I used 3 pieces from a white charm pack for the white half of the squares. The only problem was the difference in the sizes of the mini and regular charms. I cut the bigger white into four parts but was not very accurate.
The block size ended up two and one-eighth inches. The wolf was fussy cut from a fat quarter.

I used some leftover border for the binding. It was almost too narrow but I made it work.
I'm calling this "The Gunniwolf" for a favorite story my students like to act out.

I am making progress on the March Girl. I can watch TV and sew on it a little each night until my eyes get tired.

What are you sewing?
I'm linking to Wendy's Peacock Party if there is still time.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Washing away the stabilizer

Here are the steps to wash away the pattern/stabilizer on a Calendar Girl block.

1. Remove the stitching from around the edge of the stabilizer.

2. Use warm water to melt away the stabilizer.

3. Be sure to wash all of the stabilizer. Rinse with warm water until all stabilizer is gone.

4. Put the wet block on a clean, folded towel.

5. Roll the towel.

6. Squeeze or press the water out of the block.

7. Let the block air dry on a rack.

That's it. Now on to the next block.

The pattern for Miss March has been placed on the block and stay stitched as an added precaution. 

Below is Miss January. You can see how my stitches had gaps because I could not see very well.

Now I am using better light.

But what will I do to correct Miss January?
I'll be like Scarlett O'Hara and think about that tomorrow.

 Now to link up with Wendy and the Peacock Party.
What are you sewing?

Sunday, February 10, 2019

February Embroidery Finish

Miss February is finished! The empty heart spaces will be filled with tiny buttons but those are the last things added after quilting the whole quilt.
The next step for this block is to wash off the stabilizer.
I plan to take photos of the process and share next time.

Here is a closer look at her hair. 
Stitching the dark colors are the hardest for me. I'm not sure I have connected the stitches.
We will see when I wash off the stabilizer.

More flowers are blooming.
It was a strange week weather-wise.
Still these grew and bloomed and brightened the winter garden.

Sweet two color variety.

My favorites!

Hope you had a great week making and being creative.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Embroidery restart

I am picking up the calendar girls embroidery for a second try.
I have only finished January and worked several evenings this week on February. 
I thought I couldn't see well enough to be successful but sitting under bright light helped.

Here is my container with all the threads, instructions, and buttons.
This makes it easy to pick up and stitch a little when I have time.

I finished the top of a charity quilt. The kit has all the fabric and I only have sew it together, add the batting, and quilt it. Good practice.

Love these early flowers. They don't smell pleasant but I love having them in our garden.

Busy week with crazy weather. 
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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Finished 2018 Color Challenge Quilt

My first finish of 2019 is the Color Challenge Quilt of 2018.
I decided to use stash fabric for the backing. I had a piece of minky dots just big enough.

I pin baste on my dining table. 

Not a lot of pins but I like less quilting for a softer quilt.

Some of my favorite scraps are in this quilt.

Simple machine quilting using my sewing machine and the built-in walking foot.

I had just enough gray for the binding, too.

The back is soft and cuddly.

Big enough for one person or two little ones.

Who will get to snuggle with this quilt?

Now some photos of our Mississippi winter garden.

Just about ready.

New place for iris. Nandina showing off its color.

My succulents are surviving in the cold. 

Linking up with Wendy. So glad she is having her peacock party!