Sunday, April 22, 2018

Hexie Bug Jars

The medallion challenge in my guild (due tomorrow) is a 3.5 inch border with at least one hexie and using the bug fabric somewhere in the border.
I had a different idea but hexies are not my friend, so I came up with the hexie bug jar.

It briefly entered my mind to do this as paper piecing but nope.
So I made a plan for cutting and machine sewing the hexie jars.

After making one trial jar I was ready to assembly line the other three.

In writing we say 'sloppy copy' for the rough draft.
Below are my sloppy blocks before trimming.


All ready to sew in the corners of the border.

Border done! Sorry about the background clutter. 
Happy to be finished in time to join Crazy Mom's link up.

New border assignment tomorrow. What will they think of next?

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Ancient UFO finished!

First, look what's blooming in our yard.

The center of the quilt top below is my oldest UFO.
The pattern is hopscotch.
I added borders to make it lap quilt size.

Today I finished quilting it with a few detours for ripping and redoing one side.
I finished the binding and included a corner label as I was binding.

It is not technically a great quilt. Some of the blocks are missing points.
These are some OLD blocks, made when I was learning how to put blocks together.

It turned out to be 48" by 56". It has lots of my favorite fabrics.

The back is cream minky dots which led to some of the messy quilting problems.
But I like the snuggly feel of minky and I hope the person who uses it will, too.

Here are my orange April blocks. Early this time.

A very satisfying rainy day.
Now to ponder the design for my next border for the medallion challenge.
Happy sewing!

Friday, April 6, 2018

March was yellow

The color challenge for March was yellow.
These jonquils are from my mom's yard.

Below are the yellow blocks I made in March.
I was so busy getting a presentation ready for a conference that I missed the link up for my blocks.

Oh, well. At least I did the yellow blocks.
When we got back from the conference I was inspired to finish the quilt top below.
No telling how long it waited in a drawer. All I added were the borders. The corners were UFOs, too. Next I plan to finish it with cream minky on the back.  

This will be my 2nd UFO finish for our guild challenge.
I'll post the completed quilt. Hopefully, this week end.

Any finishes at your place?

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Another border added

We are having a challenge at my quilt guild. 
Each month there is a new fabric and shape requirements.
This is my finish for month 2.

I know the colors are all over the place but I like it.
I have used my scraps and stash so far.

I borrowed the purple tulips idea from a free block on the interwebs.

Oops. That bottom bit is off center.
Can I say it's part of the scrappy charm?

The required fabric is the green in the block on the corner.

The shape requirement was at least one square and one rectangle.
Check. Check.
Monday we will meet and get the next instructions and fabric.

Are you having fun quilting, sewing, and crafting? I am.

PS Thanks for the helpful comments about taking out the color that bled in the wash. 
Let you know how it goes.

Friday, March 16, 2018

Help! A Finish with a problem

First I will share these two little squares that I'm making for my medallion challenge. The green fabric is required for this border. I'm still working on the other parts but I love the purple tulips for the corners.

Here is the finish with a problem. I thought I would wash the jar collection before gifting.
I put a color catcher in the wash.

It may not be visible in these photos but the black jar lids bled on the cream background fabric.

Several spots of black. Any suggestions for spot removal?
I'm thinking Dawn dish detergent. But open to other ideas.

The label is ready for the finished info.

Hoping for a remedy...

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Long and winding road....finally a finish!

I think this may be my oldest UFO. I wrote about it here. That was the summer of 2013.
I know that I made it earlier in a Saturday Sampler called Jamestown meets Ramblin' Rose.
I originally thought I would hand quilt it. Inset laughing face here.
When I saw how big it was I packed it up and took it to be machine quilted.
The quilter's receipt is dated January, 2015.
My only excuse is that we had a black cat who loved to sleep and shed on the king size bed
and I didn't feel like finishing the quilt for her to shed all over.

My quilt group is having a challenge to finish UFOs. Sweet black cat has gone to kitty heaven. 
Time to finish this quilt.
Above is the binding - eleven WOF - the longest binding I've ever done.

I do like this log cabin/sampler and the colors are very rich.

It was much easier to bind using the dining table to hold the quilt.

More of the blocks.

Here it is on the bed. It fits!

Another view.

The binding above and below.

Now in the record books. This quilt is FINALLY FINISHED.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

What are little boys made of?

Do you know that nursery rhyme?

What are little boys made of?
Snips and snails and puppy dog tails.
That's what little boys are made of.

That's what came to my mind when I started making this baby quilt.

I like the bug jar idea but didn't have many bug prints.

So I decided to fill the jars with things I think a boy likes.

Cowboys, stamps from different states - our state smack in the middle of the jar,
drums, monkeys, lizards, trains, balls, guitars, construction signs and tools.
You get the idea.

I took several pattern formats for bug jars and made up my own dimensions.

More close ups,

and more,

and a few more,

The dark strip is the shelf...
Hope it looks like a shelf.

One outside shot on this windy day.

It was a productive week. Next week is spring break.
I hope to get the binding on a king size quilt that has been waiting for over a year to be finished.
We'll see if it happens.
See you on Amanda Jean's link up.