Sunday, February 9, 2014

labels done, ready to mail

Okay. These are not beautiful labels but they are done and photos done, too. I am trying to document each quilt I make, so this is step one. 

Now two quilts are ready to mail to niece and nephew. 

Here are all three quilts washed and folded.

Must. Get. Work. Done. So. I. Can. Sew.
I need to buy batting for the king quilt and quillow. Probably need more basting pins for the king quilt. Watched the tutorial on The Binding Tool, so now I need to buy one. My binding comes out okay but joining the ends is a pain. I think this tool will make it much easier. Easy is good, right?
Have a good week. Stay warm if you are north of me.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Now for a travel update

I haven't had much sewing time lately. I have worked on the top that I'm converting from queen to king size. I have two borders on and have two left to do. Week ends have been busy. Liam spent one Friday night and last week end we went to Memphis to see Wicked.

The weather has been horrible. I am sick of the cold weather, especially having to go in and out to the 'trailer' all day. We missed two days of school for bad weather. Liam stayed with us one day since Em & Ben's school didn't close but day care did.

I did get 3 quilt labels sewn on the quilts but haven't taken a photo yet. This coming week end I need to work on a newsletter and professional development presentation but I really want to make a cute little quillow for Liam.