Friday, October 25, 2013

3 pillows in a row

Finished three blue and yellow pillows last Sunday. Used the scraps from the blue and yellow 'on point' quilt. 

This one is my try at randomness.

This one alternates blue and white in a four x four square.

I really like this one but don't know the name of the block. Some kind of star, I guess.

All together here. The color is sort of washed out. Early morning sun.

This is how the pillows look with the quilt.

And another

Last one.

Pillows are very satisfying. Now on to the to-do list of quilts I have in my head.

Hope you have a finish this week.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pillows for the Fish Quilt

I had a very productive long week end. Lots of oops! I should have measured that or figured correctly how big to make these quilted pillow covers. But I am very pleased with how they look. Mr. M also liked them. Unfortunately, the quick, cute pillows made him think new curtains would look nice in the middle bedroom with the fish quilt and three bright pillows. But he doesn't know about the list in my head for so many other projects before I tackle curtains. 

We like the backs almost as much as the fronts.

Next I hope to finish three pillows that will match my yellow and blue on point quilt. I have one finished and one pieced and ready to be quilted. The third will be the trickiest. I'm going with random piecing on that one and can't decide how to approach the randomness.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Butterflies all over

After a coworker mentioned that her mom tried to take the butterfly lanyard I had made, I thought I would make her mom something more useful for a homemaker. I looked through my scraps and found lots of butterflies. I like the crazy patch side but coworker said her mom would probably like the square of butterfly fabric I put on the back. Finished size is 6" X 6".

Friday, October 4, 2013

Little finishes

Last Saturday I had a wonderful day finishing little projects. I didn't leave the house all day. I wanted to make two 9 patch baby blankets for co-workers. Check those off the to-do list. I needed to finish the crocheted head band for church yarn group. Obsessively I had to use all the key rings I had bought, so I made a few more lanyards.

Here is one giant baby 9 patch. It has yellow flannel on the back. Instead of binding it, I rolled the flannel edge around to the front.

Can you see the quilting? I alternated straight and wavy lines. New for me.

Here is the other one.  I loooove this fabric. I hope my co-worker likes it, too.

Not sure if you can see the quilting. I used the triple zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I like the way this looks.

I have a conference to plan and may not get another sewing week end for a while. But fabric keeps calling me. 
(Come sew some more...)