Friday, October 4, 2013

Little finishes

Last Saturday I had a wonderful day finishing little projects. I didn't leave the house all day. I wanted to make two 9 patch baby blankets for co-workers. Check those off the to-do list. I needed to finish the crocheted head band for church yarn group. Obsessively I had to use all the key rings I had bought, so I made a few more lanyards.

Here is one giant baby 9 patch. It has yellow flannel on the back. Instead of binding it, I rolled the flannel edge around to the front.

Can you see the quilting? I alternated straight and wavy lines. New for me.

Here is the other one.  I loooove this fabric. I hope my co-worker likes it, too.

Not sure if you can see the quilting. I used the triple zigzag stitch on my sewing machine. I like the way this looks.

I have a conference to plan and may not get another sewing week end for a while. But fabric keeps calling me. 
(Come sew some more...)

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