Saturday, March 26, 2016

Reviving a quilter

My mom turned 91 this last Wednesday. She has wanted to make baby quilts for her two great-grands but couldn't seem to work any of her four sewing machines. (Don't know if it's the machine or the quilter.) 

Anyway, I took the fabric home and organized it again. My SIL, Doreen, had originally helped her get started. Then I took my little portable machine to mom's house. It is very basic and easy to use. Success! 

Here are some pictures of the quilt in progress. Sailboats attached to sails.

Sails and sky.

My dependable little Molly.

Mom is excited to be sewing quilts again. Yea!
Now to get on with some of my own.

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Sewing again

Maybe my sewing slump is over. I finished Orange POPS and got these pics between the rain storms.

Still not sure how much to charge for it. There is no batting-only pieced front and minky back.

This morning I put these cute little tissue holders together as a thank you for some helpers at work.
It just took two fat quarters to make 8 tissue holders. 
What are you finishing this week?

Friday, March 11, 2016

Orange POPS!

A rainy storm front is moving through with flash flooding. I'm glad our house is on a little hill. You can see the water rushing across the back yard. Perfect sewing weather.

Yesterday I took my new sewing machine to mom's and got her started on two baby quilts she wants to make for great-grands # 2 & 3. She is having trouble with her sewing machines. I hope mine works for her.

Monday I put this top together. I used a layer cake of blue fabrics from Connecting Threads. I think it is Denim but not sure. I added some orange prints from Good Neighbors. I wanted a pop of color and really like the orange with blue. I have pin basted gray minky dots to the back. The binding will be navy with white dots. I have never sold one of my quilts but a friend saw my post and wants to buy it when finished. I have no idea what to charge. It is 37" X 55". Any suggestions?

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Beach Blankie Bingo

I'm having trouble getting motivated to sew. 
Along comes a baby shower at work and what to do?
I looked for boyish fabric and found a recently purchased fat quarter with beach toys and another of fishies. I added an orange and white dot for this giant nine patch.

I wanted a flannel back and this zigzag seemed wave like.

Here is the finished blankie. Not much quilting and no binding. 

Shower is tomorrow. I found a baby board book with a fish on the cover.

Ready to go.

My sewing machine went to the spa a few weeks ago. Spring break is next week. Look for new finishes soon.