Friday, March 11, 2016

Orange POPS!

A rainy storm front is moving through with flash flooding. I'm glad our house is on a little hill. You can see the water rushing across the back yard. Perfect sewing weather.

Yesterday I took my new sewing machine to mom's and got her started on two baby quilts she wants to make for great-grands # 2 & 3. She is having trouble with her sewing machines. I hope mine works for her.

Monday I put this top together. I used a layer cake of blue fabrics from Connecting Threads. I think it is Denim but not sure. I added some orange prints from Good Neighbors. I wanted a pop of color and really like the orange with blue. I have pin basted gray minky dots to the back. The binding will be navy with white dots. I have never sold one of my quilts but a friend saw my post and wants to buy it when finished. I have no idea what to charge. It is 37" X 55". Any suggestions?

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