Saturday, December 17, 2016

The Pink Hat Adventure or time for a crochet refresher

I finished two pink caps for baby Ava. "Does she need two caps?" you may ask. Well, no, but the first one was tied off when I thought, maybe that half double crochet was wrong. I checked an online 'how to crochet' site and found that I had done the whole hat in double crochet, not half double crochet.

The one on the left is done according to the directions with half double crochet.
The cap on the right has double crochet. Whoopsie. Sort of changed the shape.

Here they are again. Not so flat as before.

One last photo with the ribbons and bows. The one on the right looks like it would fit a fairy creature with pointy hair. (I put the rolled yarn inside to make them stand up.

I guess baby David's cap is wrong, too. There is plenty of yarn left, so I will probably make another one for him.

Lesson learned: Never assume you know how to do a stitch.


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