Saturday, December 3, 2016

Christmas Stockings

My plans for quilting were side tracked with family and travel. I looked at my list of want-tos and decided making Christmas Stockings for our newest grands was the priority.
Here are my original designs.

Ava's has lace and cute little red-nosed deer. I cut out the letters by hand-something I learned as an Elementary Ed undergrad.

I fused the letters and used a blanket stitch with white thread around the edges. The green toe fabric has gold thread applique' in a different stitch. Both stitches are standard on my sewing machine.

For David's letters I sewed gold thread around the outside for a raw edge look. The cuff has gold hearts decorating the band. Another standard stitch on my machine.

I know there are fancier stitches on new sewing machines but I love my 35 year old Pfaff. It has been very reliable and with the even feed feature I can machine quilt easily. 

Hope to get to the adventurers quilt this weekend. See you next week end.

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  1. Sometimes the old things work as well as the new ones...look at us! Your stockings are certainly as good as any I've seen on the internet (and boy are there some popping up!) so just hang on to the Pfaff. In another 35 years, it will be worth a brick of gold and still going strong. In all seriousness, I like the stockings. The lace finish gives them a special touch. Your grands will treasure them.