Monday, June 10, 2013

Remembering last summer's quilts

Last spring a good friend said she would love to have a Peter Rabbit baby quilt and a Paddington Bear baby quilt. I hadn't seen either fabric in stores lately, so I was curious to find out if the fabrics were available anywhere. Online searches helped me find both fabrics and so I made a giant 9 patch with the Peter Rabbit fabric.

There was more Paddington Bear fabric-a yard and some matching strips. This quilt was my own variation from patterns in a quilt book about strata. I liked the Paddington fabric so much that I added a wide border on the top and bottom.

After I started the two requested baby quilts my friend called with some great news. Her only child was expecting a baby. My friend didn't think she would ever be a grandmother and had resigned herself to be content as a great-aunt. So the surprise grandbaby had to have a special quilt. Since the new baby has a University of Texas heritage, there had to be a UT quilt. I found these UT fabrics and designed the quilt to make the most out of the fabrics. I drew it on graph paper but was still surprised with the finished look. The baby was born in the fall and the UT quilt was a big hit.


  1. You sure are cranking out the baby quilts! Nice way to showcase the special fabrics. Great Job.

  2. Thanks. I don't have much time to quilt so I like the gratification of a quick quilt.