Monday, June 24, 2013

Quilt meetings

Part of me is so much like Jane, the cat. 

I like doing things by myself and just observing the world around me. 

But there are times when being with others is motivating and spurs me to action. 

Today I went to a quilt meeting. I am a fairly new member and have to take time off from work to attend the meetings. I know about 4 people by name and one of them doesn't ever remember my name. Story of my life but not the point of this ramble. 

The program was a bed turning by someone around my mother's age. She brought her Christmas quilts to share. Her quilts were lovely and most of them were hand pieced and hand quilted. Then we had announcements, row of the month, and sharing.
Of course, I had to share my latest finishes. One quilter shared at least ten quilts she had finished since last month's meeting. 

I was motivated to try making some name badges for the upcoming quilt show. The badges are flying geese, not my favorite block. I wasn't going to make any but now I think I can make at least the required four squares. 

So, even though I don't like meetings too much, I think I need the peer support/pressure to motivate me to do more than sit and watch TV or stare at a computer screen.

What motivates you?

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