Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday "Re"Finish

The quilt below is one of my remaining unfinished quilt tops from a Saturday Sampler series done a few years ago. I was getting ready to cut the final border when my husband asked again for a king size quilt. I don't want to start something that big these days but a thought came to mind. The directions for this quilt said it could be finished in either queen or king size. So.......

I went back to the original directions and found that all I had to do was change the configuration from 5 blocks by 7 blocks (with a block left for a pillow sham) to 6 blocks by 6 blocks. I have ripped out the stitches on the top row and now to 're'finish this quilt top. I had cut two of the borders for the queen size so I am trying to decide whether to add another border or two to make it king size.

The row on the far left is not sewn yet. I hope to finish this after summer school is over. Adding this to Crazy Mom's Friday


  1. Great trick! Congratulations on your "finish"!
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  2. Thanks for visiting and commenting.