Friday, November 28, 2014

Same but Different Small Bag

I made this small zipper bag from a pattern suggestion at Stitch Mischief. There is no seam on the bottom and the boxing seams are made inside and covered with bias tape. I didn't have bias tape so I cut a strip of the lining fabric and covered the seam like I was binding a quilt.

The fabric on the top part was bought in Australia.

The fabric on the bottom was bought in Portland, Oregon.

The lining is some of the Art Gallery fabric I won last year. It has a Chrysanthemum pattern and feels sort of Japanese. Notice the mum centered in the bottom. Happened totally by accident.

I think this will be my go-to pattern for small bags now.

I have enjoyed the week off. We are going to a movie this afternoon. Hope you have had a great week!

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  1. Love these bags, O Ye of Appliqué Avoidance. Talented to the hilt!