Saturday, November 8, 2014

Finished mob cap

Well, I hope to get this posted to join Amanda Jean's Friday finish group. I made this mob cap as the last piece of a Mrs. Claus costume to wear when I tell stories at Christmas.
This is the back view. 

This shows the ribbon tie in the front. It was very easy to make. Just cut two circles. Sew together. Turn. Topstitch around the edge.
I didn't have any elastic so I used ribbon to gather it. Just sewed two parallel lines about 2 inches from the edge. Cut slits for the ribbon. Threaded the ribbon and adjusted it to fit my head.

Hope I'm in time to join the link!


  1. You are definitely going to look the part. I hope you'll post a photo of you in your entire Mrs. Santa outfit. ^^

  2. I will post the whole outfit a little closer to Christmas. Thanks commenting!