Saturday, January 27, 2018

Sewing Challenges

Having no real plans or ideas for quilts I decided to participate in my quilt guild's challenge. You may have done something similar. The challenge is to make a medallion quilt using specific fabric given out at each monthly meeting. The January fabric was the starry print. The medallion had to measure 18 X 24 finished. 

Above is my center block with the starry fabric.

Trying out another border above.

I made a plan and then changed it, of course.

I remembered this set of templates and thought it might improve my plan.

I used the triangles to make a pointy border on the top and bottom.

I made the final border postage stamp size - 1 1/2 " squares.

When I tried the final border I realized I had to be careful to get them in the right order.

Yea! As you can see below the border alternates dark and light.
It turned out just the way I wanted.

I also participated in the Color Challenge. I joined and posted my red blocks on Thursday.
But ... I put the finish photo on my other blog. OOPS!
If you want to see my red blocks, you can see them here.

More on challenges next time. Have a good week.


  1. I love it! There are so many different fabrics but they all come together to form something that pops and is very cheerful.

  2. Looks like you are having some BIG fun with that challenge!!