Saturday, April 22, 2017

Smocked Pink Bubble

Finally finished this little bubble outfit. I haven't smocked in years but thought Ava needed something smocked by Gran. I bought a finished outfit that just needed the smocking. I think it is easier to start from scratch. I had to ask a friend who smocks a lot of baby gifts to give me a refresher on how many threads to use. After that it was a quick finish-even when I took out stitches and changed thread color.
Now I hope Ava hasn't grown too big to wear this. We'll see today since we are traveling this morning to Memphis to see her and her parents.

In other news - I bought some new succulents for my doll bed garden. And the one on the lower left bloomed over night! I love happy fuschia flowers.

Checking over at Crazy Mom's to see what you have been sewing.


  1. What a little pretty dress for your smocking. She will look beautiful in her dress.

  2. Smocking make such a sweet addition to a dress. Beautiful job!