Saturday, April 15, 2017

In-between projects

Last week I finished David's quillow and now I'm sort of between projects. Lots of things are on my to-make list. So, what did I do?

Decided to use some of the cute flannel I have collected to make ahead some baby gifts.
Two flannel receiving blankets and one giant 9 patch with a flannel back.

Okay, my selections for the 9 patch are a little odd but in my mind they go together.
The heart fabric has lady bugs. The stripe has red, lime green, and gray with a primary school alphabet. The corner fabric has most of the same colors, so why not? 

The backing has the repeated question, "How many bugs can you count?" I figure that connects to the lady bugs.

If mom doesn't like the combination on the 9 patch side, she can turn it over to the soft flannel back.

Long week end here. What are you sewing?

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