Saturday, April 8, 2017

Finished David's Quillow

David's first birthday is soon. I wanted to finish his quillow.

First I pin basted the batting, back, and front. I use my dining table and a cardboard cutting board.

Batting smoothed.

Backing placed on top of batting.

Front placed right sides to backing.

Pin basted along the outer edges because I'm just going to sew around the outside, then turn.

I put a few pins in the middle to keep things from shifting.
Then I sewed around the edge and turned thru an opening left on one end.
I quilted in the ditch and a few diagonals across the yellow middle section.

Here is the front made from strips including some gray minky dots.

Here is the back with the pillow pocket sewn in place.

Fold the long sides.

Bring the top down to the bottom.

Fold again and pull into the pocket.

Voila! David's quilt/pillow is done.

The pillow back.

I'm please with this finish. I will sew a label on this and the one I made for Ava.
Now all three grands have quillows made by Gran.

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