Thursday, December 24, 2015

Ready for Christmas

Well, the photos didn't upload in the order I expected but here goes.
I finished six place mats last night for lovely daughter. All the fabric and batting was from my stash!

Here is my first wall hanging, Christmas Candy. It has been up for a while but I couldn't get a good photo to upload. I love the ornaments hanging on the wire deer sculpture above the quilt.

This is a quick little drawstring bag for lovely DIL in MSU fabric and grey minky dots. So fun and quick to make.

Minky dots fabric was left from another project-just enough to line this shoe bag.

Some more pics of the place mats. I used fabric from my stash and tried different quilting patterns on each one. 

The ovals reminded me of the orbits of planets.

Tight lines in a grid took a long time to sew.

Another grid pattern.

This was a combination of two grids.

This one reminds me of a labrinth.

So glad to finish these with time to spare.
Thanks for stopping by.
Happy Christmas!

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