Monday, March 10, 2014

Little Transportation Quilt/pillow

First day of spring break and I finished this quilt/pillow for grandson. He saw the train fabric and said, "I like trains." Then he proceeded to point out some of the other vehicles like the helicopters and cars. He pointed to all the yellow fabric and said, "lellow, lellow, lellow."

This is how it folds up into a pillow.

This is how it looks folded in half.

The other side when folded into a pillow.

This is the fat quarter side.

The train side says, "I think I can." 

Another look at the train side. The weather is beautiful today, sunny and low 70's.
I only have a few days to sew and need to work on the king size quilt redo. Really want to start something new. Why can't I finish one thing before starting something new?

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