Saturday, September 2, 2017

Pencil boxes and more little animals

I finished the 3rd pencil box, the one on the left. The green one is made from my favorite fabric but I put in one part of the snap wrong. The one on the far right has a wonky zipper.

I am happy with how the 3rd one turned out. The lining fabric has state shapes. Mississippi is there in the corner. I included some Mississippi pencils, a pair of scissors, and washable markers and mailed them to Liam in NYC. He starts kindergarten Tuesday. Hope he makes lots of new friends.

While I was fussing with the pencil boxes the messed up snap came off box #1. Now I can replace the snap and my favorite pencil box will be ready for another kindergartner.

I have found a quick sewing project to do while watching TV.

I trace the pattern on white fabric using a washable marker.

Then I stitch over the design.

The designs came from this book I bought last summer in Savannah.

When the sewing is complete, I get the marker out by washing the fabric in diluted Dawn dish liquid.

I haven't decided how to use these cute little critters. 
Glad to have Amanda Jean back for link ups today!

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