Friday, June 10, 2016

A walk with Little Red

I finished Little Red's bag yesterday. It was so pretty out that I decided to take her for a walk around our yard to see all the flowers.

Morning glories at the mailbox

Hardy succulents-sorry you can't see the flowers on them.

Caladiums by the front door

Trellis with sweet peas beginning to climb-they are still too small to reach Little Red.

The baby bed is full of zinnias and cosmos.

Here she is resting from her walk.

I used a fusible stabilizer that was extremely stiff. It was double sided so the lining was fused, too. It was very difficult to sew and impossible to pin. I used clips to hold the pieces together and to hold the binding on the top and handle. The binding was salvaged from the Little Red panel. I was pleased with the finish. This will be a present for Baby Girl who is coming later this summer. I have two more projects to finish before she is born. 
Linking with Crazy Mom. Yea for a finish!


  1. So adorable... and well done! Great gift for a little girl.

  2. Looks like Red enjoyed her walk outside. Very cute. I love the fabric in the basket. This will be a cherished gift.

  3. What a super cute little bag, perfect!