Sunday, September 13, 2015

Two rows

This week end was the Jackson Quilt Celebration so I didn't have any time to sew. Labor Day week end I cut out two rows from my Row by Row patterns. I finished them in the evenings after school.

The top row is from The Fabric Dock in Wiggins. I love the sailboat block. It was very easy to make.
The bottom row is from Sew Memphis. The zigzag middle part is made of half square triangles. The back of that section is a hot mess but the front looks okay. 

I have patterns for 8 more rows but I think I will only make 6 more to have the required 8 rows. The rows above are the only ones that do not have the dreaded 'appliqué' as part of the design.

I now have a list of WIPs again. Christmas Scrappy Gretchen is in progress. Row by row is in progress. And I have chosen fabric to make a wedding gift for a wedding in October. Oh, yes, and two baby quilts for twins due in February.

Which one do I want to work on? The baby quilts, of course. 

Must make wedding gift first! Keep telling myself. Wedding gift...

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