Saturday, August 1, 2015

A little traveling, sewing, and bird watching

So, there's this shop hop thing going on, and I'm hooked. The day it opened here I went to the 3 nearest participating stores and picked up the patterns and fabric car tags but thought I would use my own fabric scraps to make the rows.

Then I went to a convention in St. Louis, MO, and checked out 3 stores close to my hotel. I bought one kit, picked up the free patterns, and bought the tags. So that left 2 more store visits to have the minimum rows to make a lap quilt. 
A little road trip was necessary to get the final 2 rows. My choices were a 3 hour drive to Memphis or a 2 hour drive to Wiggins and Hattiesburg. I opted for the shorter drive. The last two rows were so cute that I bought the kits. Now to put the rows together. 
The nearest QS has not had a winner but my sewing time/summer break is about gone. Don't know if I will finish before someone else turns in their quilt. We'll see how this row thing turns out. More on that later.

Here are some of my row by row patterns and tags.

Meanwhile, progress has been made on the gifts for reading board members. Please forgive the horrible phone photos.

Seventeen sets have been sewn and turned right side out. Twelve more sets have been cut out. They are quick to make but turning kills my fingers. Hope to finish before going back to work Wednesday.

My new sewing machine is set up on the dining table where I have a great view of the bird baths.

I love watching the tufted titmouse come for a drink.

Here is the hibiscus finally blooming by the front door.

Hope you have a great week end. Time to sew!

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