Saturday, July 4, 2015

Moving toward a finish for Liam

Liam's quilt is half quilted. I wanted to take photos of each step in the finish, so these show all the borders, pin basting, and batting.

The batting is Warm and Natural White. It comes on a roll and is 90" wide. Since the quilt is about 68" wide, I got 2 yards. 

For Mississippi this light weight batting is just right.

There are 13 different kid fabrics in the quilt. Most have a transportation theme but the little hedgehogs were too cute to leave out.

I haven't thought of the right name for this quilt. Keep on Moving might work. Since Liam is spending the week end with us, I haven't had time to work on his quilt. How did I do all that sewing when I had small children at home all the time? 

I'll show the backing and binding soon. Hope I can finish next week. Summer break is marching to an end. I have to be back at school on August 5.

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