Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Cat in the Hat Quilt

Jo's grandson, Zane, is coming to visit her from New York. She wanted a Cat in the Hat quilt for his room at her house.
When I hear an idea for a quilt my brain won't stop until I figure out how I would design that quilt. 
So, here is my quilt for Jo & Zane...

The first idea was just a huge 9 patch. 

Then I added the smaller illustrations from the book. The quilting is just up and down columns. I wanted it to be fluffy and soft so I didn't do much quilting. I tried not to sew on The Cat. Some of the lines curve around him.

There were some small panels left and the backing fabric wasn't wide enough, so I used the extras on the back.

Can you tell which photos were made with the flash on?

Here is the label. There are white on white hearts along the bottom edge.

Here is how it looked after washing and drying.

Another view all folded up.

A last look before mailing it to Texas. Happy reading, Jo & Zane!

Even though I posted this earlier this week, I am linking to Amanda's Finish It Friday. I have finished two lap quilts in the last 4 weeks but haven't been able to link up because of travel. So please admire my two finishes since Thanksgiving.