Monday, December 2, 2013

Black, White, & Read Quilt

Finished this quilt for the conference speaker. My students wrote titles of their favorite books on fabric squares and I framed each one with black and white sashing with red polka dot corners. Love how the top turned out.

Then I was able to use the extra black and white fabric and some of the border on the back. Shelley can use the back as the top if she likes it better than the kids' book side. She wrote a book for teachers called Good Books Matter, so she may like the book side better. Anyway, she has a choice. I am not putting a label on the back so it can be more like a top. I added the label to one of the blocks I wrote on the front.

Working on this quilt was the carrot I used to get me through the boring parts of putting the conference together. Even if Shelley doesn't like the quilt, I enjoyed making it and it turned out exactly the way I planned.


  1. This quilt is darling, and it is so neat that it is reversible. I like how you used different prints for the sashing, but the same for the cornerstones.

  2. Thanks. I have lots of black/white fabric for a future black & white quilt.