Friday, September 13, 2013

Quilt Show & Scrappy Lanyard

We only have a quilt show every other year, so I had to take some photos of some of the great quilts. 

The white on white one below was really fantastic but it doesn't show up here.

There were not many miniatures this year. Mine didn't win but did share the space with some amazing mini quilts.

Two of the big winners. (I kind of hate competing with quilts this fabulous.)

These were the silent auction minis. A friend bid on mine. I was afraid it wouldn't get any bids. Thanks, Susan.

Liam's Slow Poke quilt is the green one on the left.

I was pleased with On Point and thought Pam should have gotten a ribbon for the wonderful quilting she did on it. (It's the blue & yellow one.)

The quilt show was fun but I'm not much of a competitor. I just enjoy sewing quilts and giving them away.
So, my latest project idea was 'borrowed' from posts I've seen online. Here is my scrappy lanyard. I think I will make some more and give them to my 'X' team members. We are the teachers who teach all the eXtra subjects and some of us are eXiled to trailors and have to take our keys with us each time we leave our rooms. So a lanyard will be helpful for keeping up with keys and copier cards.

Hope you had a good week. Thanks for the comments about my stash in an earlier post. Had any finishes?

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