Friday, September 6, 2013

Finish & Fabric

Okay. here is the finish. The miniature is finally finished. I hand quilted it. Not my best skill. It is 16" x 16". Done just in time for the quilt show. It was fun but now I wish I had done it all by machine. It would have been much more accurate.

Now the real surprise. The box came with my free fabric that I won on the fabshophop. At first I wondered how 50 yards of fabric would fit in this box.

Then, I opened the box and saw this.

And I unpacked it and found all this! I finally have a fabric stash. I see fabric for binding my sister-in-law's lap quilt. I see fabric in colors I would never have chosen. That's great. A challenge to use color in different combinations than my usual brights and blues. Can't wait to have time to sew.

But this week end is the quilt show, so I will be helping with that. Maybe next weekend.
Hope you had a finish this week.


  1. Oh, I envy you! What I could do with 50 yards of fabric...also a great finish too!

  2. Try the fabshophop if you are in the US. I won a grand prize on my first try.

  3. What a wonderful prize. Your new stash is really something.