Saturday, August 10, 2013

Mini Finish

Finished the binding on this mini migrating geese quilt. The quilt will be part of the silent auction to benefit my quilt group at the show in September. This isn't the way I thought the quilt would look. I thought the individual blocks would be rectangular, not square. 

The triangles in the corners are for hanging the quilt. Maybe someone will want a little 9" x 9"  quilt for a wall or doll. 

Teachers went back to work last Monday and kids showed up Thursday, so my sewing time has been drastically reduced. It is so hot, I don't feel like doing anything. The heat index is over 100 and who knows how hot it is in the buses. 
Thank goodness for air conditioning. Hope you have a good week!


  1. Nice mini, Janice! I am a school nurse. Pre-planning starts today in our North Florida school system. It is very hot! Attempted tio cool off in our pool yesterday but it was as warm as bath water! :)

  2. Thanks, Jessica. Today two kiddos got on the wrong bus and they don't speak English, so it has been a loooong day. Hope you have a good year.