Monday, August 26, 2013

Magnificent Monday

Today when I checked my email I found out that I was one of the grand prize winners in the July FabShopHop. Not sure which grand prize I won-either the Art Gallery Fabric or the Mystery Box. Either way I will have lots of fabric coming to my house soon. I had to call Doreen and tell her the news first. I knew she would understand how fabulous a prize 50 yards of fabric is to a quilter.

Wow! I am so thrilled. I told everyone at the quilt guild meeting today, everyone at school, and everyone I could think of calling. I posted about it on FB.

Can't wait to see all that fabric. I will just sit and look at it and enjoy the possibilities.

Don't have a photo to share but as soon as the box comes I will post a photo.

Hope you had a magnificent Monday, too.

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