Friday, July 26, 2013

Molly's quilt

This quilt is for the daughter of my sweet friend Vicki. Molly is 12 and was adopted by Vicki this spring. I gave Vicki a quilt for Molly from my stash of practice quilts. But I wanted to make a quilt specially for Molly now that she is here. (She is also one of my English language learners at school.)

I asked Molly what her favorite color was and she said 'purple'. Then I asked what her next favorite color was and she pointed to her aqua/teal shirt. Then I had fun finding fabrics in those colors, from light to dark. I chose musical fabrics, flowers, and animals because I knew those were some of Molly's interests.

The original idea was to randomly sew the squares together but then I found purple/lavendar minky with hearts to use for the backing. I decided to use the purple dark squares to make a heart. Didn't quite have enough so some other darks were included.

I cut 12 fat quarters into 12 five inch squares and arranged them in this pattern. Next time I will take a photo of my plan. It goes from light at the top to dark at the bottom. That was what I wanted. Now I wish I had centered the dark squares on the 10th row. But since it is all finished I will be happy with how it is.

I hope Molly will enjoy cuddling with this quilt. 
My wish is that she will feel the love coming from her new family and friends.

I thought about naming this quilt 'Loving hugs for Molly'.  What do you think?