Saturday, September 3, 2016

Placemat to Zipper Pouch

 I bought two colorful placemats on sale with the idea of turning them into zipper pouches. It's been some months (years) since the purchase but finally I made time for them. Many photos follow...

Materials needed are placemat, zipper, scrap fabric.

 Use the scrap fabric to make end covers for the zipper. Cut the zipper to the correct size and sew folded 2 inch square on each end.

Sew the zipper on the short end of the placemat. The other side is a little trickier but doable.

Zipper secured. Turn placemat inside out and sew side seams.

You can stop here or if you want the bag to have a flat bottom, there is one more step.

Make straight seam 2 inches from the point on both sides.

Turn the bag right side out.

And here you have a finished bag in less than 30 minutes!

I'm going to make another bag with a few minor changes.
Then I will have to decide to keep or share.
What are you sewing?

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