Friday, May 15, 2015

Practical project

I cut out these heart shaped pot holders some weeks ago. I had a pressing writing project I needed to finish but I just wanted to sew. Sooo, I tried to trick myself into doing the project. I told myself that I couldn't sew anything until the writing project was sent to the editors.

Finally, the project was sent and I could sew. I made these after work yesterday. 

I made some changes (of course) to the Heart Pot Holder from A Spoonful of Sugar Designs.
The front is above and the back is below.

I quilted various designs on the backs.

Simple grid quilting above.
Straight and wavy lines below.

Appliqued hearts that will fray when washed. I like that look.

These were gifted to the ladies in the office at work. I had fun making these heart pot holders. They are much easier to turn than the hot fingers pot holders.

Hope you had a productive week. Linking up with Amanda Jean.

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