Friday, June 13, 2014

Roman Fabric Adventure

Just had to share some photos from our Roman holiday last week. Usually I research the location and have a long list of places I think we will enjoy visiting. This year I didn't have much time to figure out what to see but I did look into fabric shops in Rome. I found one blog describing this shop and found the shop's website. Below are some shots my husband took while I shopped.

The shop is on the first floor, what we call the second floor here in the USA. As you can see there is LOTS of fabric. I didn't count the rooms but there are at least 5 rooms with fabric stacked from the floor to the ceiling.

The windows were open to let in the breeze. It was a warm day.

I asked for the 100% cotton and was directed to the last room. We walked past all this fabulousness.

Here I am in the cotton room. I had my own personal fabric cutter. It was hard to choose from all the wonderful patterns and colors. I had read on someone's blog that they only took cash but my cutter said they took credit cards, too. That led to more cutting. I asked for fabric 'Made in Italy' and 100% cotton. I was pleased with the weight. Some was quilting quality and some was lighter. I got cuts of 1/2 meter. Most of it was 55" or wider.

Here are some of the other guys who are ready to cut fabric for customers. All of the cutters were men. The fabric included every type from silk, satin, oxford cloth, and suiting.

Here is the bag with the name of the shop.

We were surprised to find tea towel fabric-100% cotton and made in Italy. I plan to make tea towels for presents. I've never seen any in the stores here.

Here are the pieces I bought. The red with aqua is a little more than a meter long and the other pieces are half meter.

A closer look.

Daughter has suggested that I make a skirt for her out of the red/aqua. 

These two pieces are Liberty of London. I know they aren't made in Italy but when I get a chance to buy some Liberty, I can't pass it up. One day I will make something with all of this but for now I am enjoying looking at each piece and pondering how best to use each one.

If you go to Rome, check out Bassetti Tessuti. Their website is The store is on Victor Emmanuel across from a park. They do take cash or credit cards and they speak English.

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