Friday, April 18, 2014

Finished Qwillow for Sylvia

Finally a sewing day with no interruptions. I finished this for a friend who is retiring from teaching. We don't teach at the same school. She is a music teacher and plays the organ and piano at church. We worked together in Children's Choir for many years. She plays/directs the Ladies Ensemble at church, too. We don't see each other much since I started going to a different church. I was inspired to make this quilt/pillow for her. I hope she will use it to snuggle her grand babies.

This is the folded up quilt.

This is the other side. The words on the fabric are so appropriate for someone who spent years teaching children.

I tried something different when assembling this willow. I attached the pocket when I sewed the two sides and batting together.

This is the other side. I posted about this earlier. Had to add a row to the top and bottom to make it long enough for the backing.

This is how it looked with the pocket sewn down.

The pieced side with pocket sewn down. Hope she likes it.