Sunday, June 13, 2021

I made a weekender bag!

I have made zipper bags and button closed bags before.
I bought some beautiful canvas prints and want to make bigger bags to use for overnight trips.
I bought the Wren Weekender pattern from Violet Field Threads.
Foam interfacing was one recommended stabilizer.
So below are some in-progress pics.

I used purchased webbing for handles.

I love this birdie fabric.

After a few sessions with a seam ripper and a struggle to turn the thing right-side out,
To-da! A finished bag.

Zipped up and ready to travel.
Hint-unzip the zipper before sewing in the lining.
Don't ask me how I discovered this.

Inside there are pockets.

What I learned:
I'm not going to use foam next time.
I'm going to make another bag using a softer interfacing, possibly quilting batting.
This was a quick make. Cut out on Thursday. Sewn on Friday and finished on Saturday.

Have a great week.


Saturday, May 29, 2021

Florentine Quilt Top

My mom made quilts for her grandchildren. Except for one.
She bought the fabric but never made the quilt.
I found the fabric and instructions when I was going through her sewing supplies
a few weeks ago. 

Last Tuesday I cut out the blocks and started sewing.
The pattern is Florentine and is based on mosaic tile floors found in Florence, Italy.

Blocks in progress above and below.

Some blocks are simply squares of fabric.
The quilt comes together quickly.

The directions say to sew the blocks in columns.
Half of the columns below.

Today I finished the whole top (with a few delays for ripping incorrectly placed columns.)
Tuesday to Saturday is a very fast finish for me.

I have ordered wide backing and plan to pay someone to quilt it.
Excited to finish this for Karen.


Sunday, May 23, 2021

Twin Quilts for Twins

Several months ago I heard that a friend of mine was going to be a first-time grandmother to twins.
Around the same time I saw some quilts made with Apricot & Ash mock appliqué fabric.
I loved it so much I bought two yards of the appliqué print with grand ideas for several quilts.
One yard of the fabric has 24 appliqué designs. 
Here is what I made for the twins.

Same border fabric in different order.
Pin basting above and below.

Quilt A ready to be trimmed.

Quilt B ready to be trimmed.

Quilted and bound. Ready to gift to the new grandma.

The backing is chenille minky. Had to get a little creative to cover both backs.

My usual corner labels.
By the way the babies were due in June but came 10 weeks early.
Baby Addison has gotten to come home but Baby Bonnie is sending a little more time in NICU.

Hope to give my friend these baby quilts and a couple of bibs.
The backing is so snuggly. I know they will be well loved.


Sunday, May 16, 2021

Using up flannel scraps

Hi, there. This post is like a mixed-up mystery. 
The photos didn't upload in order.
I am labeling them and numbering them in the correct order.
Have fun following the sequence. ;-)

I have a bin full of flannel scraps left over from making square receiving blankets.
The scrap pieces were mostly 36 inches by 8 inches.

I used a bib pattern that was free on the Coral & Co. blog.

7. Add hook and loop tape at the back neck.

5. Put two matching bibs right side together and sew around the edge. 
Leave 2-3 inches for turning.
I used the blanket stitch setting at maximum width (6.0) and and medium length (3.0).
No need to clip curves with this stitch.

6. Turn to right side and press.
Top stitch making sure to stitch closed the opening used for turning.

1. I traced the 6 month size pattern onto tissue paper.
The pattern is to be cut on the fold but most of my scraps were too narrow.
So my hack was to add 1/2 inch seam allowance instead of the fold.

3. Sew the two sides together where the seam allowance was added.
Then trim to 1/4 inch and finger press open.

2. Cut out two panels of the same fabric with the seam allowance. This will be the front of the bib.
Cut another set from a different or the same fabric for the back of the bib. 

4. Very proud of matching lines on this print.

8. Ta-da! Double sided flannel bibs made from scraps.

P.S. I made 12 bibs in quick order.
This will become a standard part of my baby gift in the future.

Thanks for following my crazy, mixed-up photo story.


Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Little Weaving and other pursuits

I was inspired to try mini weaving by an online post. I ordered a set of little wooden looms but was impatient when I didn't hear from the vendor. So I ordered a couple of plastic mini looms from Amazon.

Of course I needed a new needle book to hold the different needles and tools.

Below is the new needle book.

Felt pages for needles.

First tries with the plastic looms.

Inside cover has a place for large needles.

Back cover has a spot for other tools.

The long, narrow loom is good for bracelets and bookmarks.
I haven't found instructions for making a bracelet but I have made a couple of long pieces.

There has been other sewing going on.
Below is a back view of VFT's Lola top.
I added 5 inches to the length to make it into a dress for Ava.

Below is the front view. Super easy to make.
The striped fabric looks like ticking.

My mom made ticking overalls for my brother and me about 65 years ago.
I remember us wearing the matching outfits to the state fair the week our baby brother was born.
My aunt and father took us to the fair since mom and new baby were in the hospital.
My brother's birthday is always the same week as the fair.

Another dress for Ava. This is VFT's Abigail dress with ruffles instead of sleeves.

The blue fabric looks sort of gray in the photo.
Sharing with Ava on the Saturday before Mother's Day.

I have finished two quilt tops for my friend's twin granddaughters.
They were born ten weeks early and are still in NICU.

Look for twin quilt finish next time.


Friday, April 23, 2021

Turning 12 My Version

New grandson Kenton needed a gran-made quilt.
I had a large collection of boy fabrics and a two yard piece of minky plaid for backing.
I looked for a different layout using fat quarters and found Turning Twenty.
I used the basic block set up but only needed twelve to make the 60" X 72" size I needed.
Below are the blocks I made and one possible layout.

Here are two photos of the finished quilt. I added a strip down each side using the pirate fabric I originally planned to use as the focus. On each corner I added a lighthouse fussy cut from a fat quarter. 

I sewed the backing envelop style without binding.
If I were making this again I would quilt it and add binding.
Minky stretches as it is quilted. I had to rip out the bottom seam to adjust the backing.

The Saturday before Easter we delivered these to our Memphis grands.
The Sunday Picnic froggies, two dresses for Ava, quilt for Kenton, and a matching
pirate pillowcase.

I started this post in March and now finishing it in April.
Computer problems and other distractions.

Next week I will share my attempts at weaving and some new sewing projects.

Saturday, March 13, 2021

Jellicle Cat Finished

Sometime in February I picked up this cross stitch cat again.
I worked on it a few minutes in every evening while I watched TV.

Below the cross stitch is finished and ready for the back stitch embellishments.

Black back stitching finished.
On to the white back stitches.

All finished and labeled.
I looked for a title in TS Eliot's book of poetry about cats.
The musical Cats was based on the poems.

The Jellicle Cats were the fancy ones.
I thought it was appropriate for this colorful cat.

Below is a pattern for my next sewing projects.

I talked to granddaughter Ava and she chose the sleeveless version of the dress.
Below are the fabric choices. 
She liked the blue with pink flowers, pink check, pink and teal stripe, and the teal and pink
shells. She wants all the different fabrics in one dress but I think the flowers and checks will be one dress and the stripe and shells will be another.

We plan to see our Memphis grands on Easter.
Dresses and a couple of other things should be ready by then.

These are blooming in my back yard.
How is your week?